Hi there, I'm Robin and

I'll help you build a

lucrative, insurance-based

private practice.

Coach of Insurance-Based Private Practice

I help therapists build profitable,

insurance-based private practices using my step by step, actionable framework that eliminates feeling stuck, frazzled, and overwhelmed.

  • I believe owning an insurance-based private practice is the key to financial freedom, professional freedom, and personal freedom


  • I am a wife, mother, and business owner. I wear many different hats and found a way not to let my business dominate my personal life


  • I love to create and make things. I let that creative spark shine and it makes life all the more sweeter 


    My Journey


    I always thought I would be working on an inpatient forensic unit.

    That's how I was trained and that's the career path I wanted.


    Then life happens...

    We moved to New York and everything turned upside down.

    No openings at the inpatient facilities,

    so I gave private practice a go.


    I joined a large group practice and had a full schedule in 6 weeks.


    It was so easy . 

    I thought all private practices were that way.



    Then life happened again and we moved once more.


    I joined another smaller group practice

    expecting the same results,

    instant full schedule.


    And was I ever disappointed.

    I had barely enough clients to get by.

    What happened?


    I had to figure out why one practice was so successful

    and the other one was a bust.


    I came to understand that

    not all private practices are built the same.


    It wasn't until I looked at the business side of things that

    I came to understand what was missing.

    Can you guess?


    It was a steady stream of new clients every month.


    And once I understood how to develop a consistent referral source,


    My Practice Flourished!

    I want to help you

    get the insurance-based

    private practice of your dreams!


    Think of it...


    Life on your terms


    Financial freedom


    And time to spend with your family





    What will be different 6 months from now

    if you do nothing and

    stay at your current job?


    What will be different 6 months from now

    when you open your own

    insurance based 

    dream private practice?


    Which path will you choose?



    If you're ready for progress,

    I can't wait to help!

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